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Training Preparation

Determine the desired outcome before you plan your training project. To identify the outcome and plan the training project call Mobile Learning Centers or take the following steps:
  • Step One: Write a project description - define the project.

  • Step Two: Identify the following:
    • Purpose or purposes - if more than one, prioritize.
    • Target audience - who needs to know this information?
    • Learning objectives - what do they need to know?
    • Prior knowledge - what information do they already know?
    • Evaluation criteria - how will we evaluate the training?

  • Step Three: Set up a team to identify the following:
    • Resources available - training room, trainer, etc.
    • Constraints - what are the limitations that we will encounter?
    • Time line - when is the knowledge needed?
    • Support material - what reference material will be used?
    • Communication - how will we deliver information about the classes?
    • Budget - what are the monetary limitations?

Determine the known elements of the above list and then determine how you will gather the unknown information.

Concepts to consider when gathering the information for step 2 include:

  • What do people need to know?
  • What would you like them to know?
  • Where will they go for reference? Half of knowledge is gained by knowing where to go to find the answer.

Also keep in mind that the more people you add to your team in step 3, the more buy-in you will get from various department heads and individuals.

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